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This sounds great but what will my team, and organisation get out of this session?

"We can't add something to your team which isn't already there"

Our sessions are designed to motivate your team and open their minds to ways of working with each other, learning about other people's approaches and their ways of interacting with others in a totally different context to the everyday.


We can't promise that your team will transform in one afternoon into the most optimised, highly motivated group in the world, nor would we want to, we can't add something to your team which isn't already there, but we can help you bring out the best in everyone who takes part in our session and reinforce all the work your managers and HR develop in people on a daily basis.


More than just a murder mystery

Our carefully selected set of challenges at every stage of the session are designed to appeal to as wide a group as possible, not just requiring your teams to solve the mystery but to organise themselves and interact which each other to find each team members' strengths. 

The degree of collaboration or competitiveness is open to your teams within the session's framework, and their eventual solutions can differ greatly, demonstrating where they could have done things differently.

We test communication, decision making, logic, listening, observation, problem solving and creativity with the ability to tailor each challenge for your session to test each skill to a greater or lesser degree.

We are led by you

Ultimately you know your team far better than us, and you know what you would like to achieve in the session. If it's purely for fun, to get people's heart rates up and switch their brains on, or an exploration of the hidden talents you feel the quieter members of the team are keeping hidden, we'll tailor the session for you.


You're not alone

I am your storyteller for the day and will hopefully both entertain your team, and drive them through their challenges. I have the best part of fifteen years of experience working in SMEs, and over a decade of drama performances as both actor and director under my belt. I know how to engage a room and create an immersive atmosphere, whilst guiding people through a story. During my time in professional services and executive education at the University of Oxford, leading teams and working within them, I have experienced first hand the dynamics of teams and how to provide something a little different to inspire and challenge them.


Let's talk

The first thing we encourage you to do is have a chat to explore how our session can benefit your team, and exactly what you hope to gain from the day. So please get in touch and we can start to tailor a memorable experience for your team.

Murder Most Corporate

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