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Our proposition 

Enjoy a unique, co-created, challenging, fun and meaningful team building experience.

Based around a central mystery plot, and delivered through recorded films, written and photographic clues, your teams must earn access to a collection of over fifty pieces of evidence to solve the mystery in their own unique way.

The day is designed to engage both the louder and quieter members of your teams, who will be split into groups and asked to organise themselves in the way they think best to make the right decisions.

The challenges are designed to test key aspects of their teamwork and understanding of each other, and to bring out the best from their varied talents.

The day is facilitated by your own storyteller to drive the teams through the plot, keeping up the pace and entertainment.


What can I use the session for?

We can shape this activity for a warm up to a workshop, a reward day or a pure team building session.

How long is the session?

Timings can be altered to work with your requirements, and are dependent on group size. A typical session is planned to last 3.5 - 4 hours with two 20 minute breaks included.

What is a typical group size?

We aim for 15-30 people in a single session.

Where can we host the session?

Anywhere you want, as long as the room is large enough for the team, a projector screen and tables. We look to create an immersive audio visual space in any meeting room you wish to use.

What is included?

All materials, a preparation meeting or conference call, your host for the day, a prize for the winning team, photos from the day, projector, screen and audio system (unless available at your venue), plus case file booklets for each team.

Can I tailor the session to my own requirements for the team?

Absolutely. We look to run a preparation session with you to both assess who will be taking part on the day, and if there are particular aspects of the team you feel you’d like to explore, so everyone gets the most out of the experience.


Explore our latest mystery experience, Slaying at the Rectory.



Contact us to find out more and tailor your experience.

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