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Facilitated team experience sessions based around a fun and challenging central mystery narrative, designed to engage both more confident and quieter colleagues.

You can use this format for classic team building, a warm up to a workshop, a social event, or any other objective you can think of to help bring your people together and challenge them whilst having a lot of fun.

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Our team engagement sessions use a combination of recorded audio visual elements, games and tangible artifacts to create a unique experience.


Usually, we'll split your team into groups of five and challenge them to find their own path through our mystery. Every outcome will be different based on their decisions.

The talents from across the teams will be tested to solve the mystery.

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Recent clients

"I would have made quick decisions however they wouldn't have been the right ones. It was good to work with a variety of different people to see how others work and how they process information differently to me. It made me take a step back and evaluate how I think and work."

"I learned that my instincts are a lot more trustworthy than I thought they were."

“I enjoyed working as a team through the challenges. It was great to work with people I normally don't work with on a regular basis. It was also something I have never experienced before so it was great to try something new.”

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